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Personalized Massage with Warm Aromatic Oils
Traditional massage technique with the aid of blends of essential oils with relaxing and calming effects or invigorating and stimulating. Its particularly slow movements lead to total relaxation. 
50 mins. - €65


Draining Body Massage
A treatment that helps to rebalance energy, detoxify the tissues and stimulate the regeneration. A unique experience that perfectly combines the concepts of beauty and well-being. 
50 mins. - €65


Deep Massage
A relaxing massage. Its benefits, thanks to deep pressure along the lateral muscles of the column vertebral for most of the duration of the massage, favor the attenuation of muscular tension nervous. The treatment ends with a pleasant face, neck and head massage. 
60 mins. - €85


Hot stone massage
The properties of basaltic stones of volcanic origin with a high level of minerals create a harmony and unity flow of energy that helps to achieve a state of serenity and meditation. The massage loosens muscle and joint tension giving immediate relief, it improves significantly the circulation and the activity of the lymphatic system, drains and frees the respiratory tract. The effect of thermotherapy also has a smoothing effect on the skin and is an effective remedy for insomnia and all ailments related to stress.
40 mins. - € 55 (partial back)
80 mins. - €110 (total)


“Candle Massage” Ritual
A new natural body care ritual that combines the benefits of an intense relaxing massage to the soft feel of a pampering skin moisturizer. Let yourself be pampered by the warmth of the drops hot candles, the vegetable butter fluid arrives on the skin with a gentle warmth. The treatment is deeply relaxing thanks to the interaction between massage and the heat of the oil which relaxes the uscles easing tensions and the aromatherapy and chromotherapy aspects of the treatment. Rebalance, protect, energize, smooth, tone and pamper the skin. 
60 mins. - €90


Head, Face and Shoulders massage
Slow and gentle movements on the face, scalp and shoulders relax completely. It is an effective treatment in conditions of stress, anxiety, headaches and sleep-related problems.
25 mins. - €40


Back or Legs Sports Massage _ Sports line
Sports products mitigate the feeling of fatigue and restore muscle tone faster in one condition of equilibrium. They naturally relieve muscle soreness and contractures for immediate relief feeling of well-being. The decontracting massage is localised. 
40 mins. - €50

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